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Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter FLUO A

Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter FLUO A

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Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter FLUO A

Smart water meter with embedded radio module is based on ultrasonic technology. Thanks to it, the meter parts are not subject to mechanical wear and the meter guarantees high measurement accuracy for many years.

The meter readings are saved in the non-volatile meter memory, then they are transmitted through the base station to the utility server and displayed online in the personal account.


Ultrasonic technology

It guarantees high measurement accuracy due to its sensitivity to low flow rates. Having no moving parts, the meter is not subject to mechanical wear, is not sensitive to deposits on the flow path and does not require the installation of filters.

User's personal account

Convenient personal account for analysis, statistics. The ability to export data to Excel.

Reverse flow measurement

In the event of a reverse flow, the data is not subtracted from the master data, but counted in a separate ledger and the readings are presented.

Automated data collection

The communication module built into the meter transmits data to the personal account, remote collection of readings.

Protected against magnetic and electromagnetic fields

The meter will withstand the influence of the magnetic field and will signal an attempt to influence the indication on the screen and in the personal account of the managing organization.

settings.png Smart ultrasonic water meterounter features:

- R250 (R315 for cold water meters) - the highest measurement accuracy;- Not subject to mechanical wear, does not require filter installation;
- Automatic error diagnostics;
- Simple installation: horizontal and vertical installation;
- Long service life of built-in lithium battery and high degree of protection of the IP67 housing.

Available data transmission technologies:

- UNB LPWAN: SigFox, Nero UNB, etc.
- NB-IoT

What are the advantages of using a smart ultrasonic water meter?

Smart ultrasonic water meters offer several key benefits over traditional water meters. Firstly, they provide highly accurate readings, reducing billing discrepancies and ensuring fair and precise water usage monitoring. Secondly, these meters are non-invasive and do not obstruct water flow, resulting in minimal pressure loss and energy wastage. Lastly, smart ultrasonic water meters are equipped with radio communication capabilities, allowing remote data access and enabling utilities to detect leaks or abnormalities promptly.

GOST ISO 4064-1.
Nominal flow
1.6; 2.5 m3 / h
Maximum allowable pressure
1,6 MPa
Dynamic class R
R250 (R315 for cold water meters)
Nominal diameter
Pressure loss class
Sensitivity class to flow disturbances
Output power
no more than 25 mW
Frequency range
863,000 to 870,000 MHz
Data encryption
3.6 V
Horizontal and vertical installation is allowed.