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Control from Mechanical Switches

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УС-2.15М Universal Control

The device is designed to control the electric actuator (s) of roller shutters, roller blinds, blinds using several switches. This option is convenient if you need to control one roller shutter/blind from different points.

    Solo 8252-50 Timer

    Designed to control roller shutters, blinds or roller blinds with electric drive according to the set time.

      Group control of 4 electric drives ГУ-4.РМ

      The device is designed for simultaneous control of several roller shutter electric actuators (up to 4) using a central switch. Devices can be combined into groups to control 8, 12 or more electric actuators using one or more central switches. It can be used together with GU-4.3M to control an odd number of electric actuators.

        Group control of 3 electric drives ГУ-4.3М

        Designed to control simultaneously three roller shutters with electric drive using one or more switches. ГУ-4.3М Devices can be combined into groups to control six, nine or more roller shutters.