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Smart Ultrasonic Gas Meter METANO

Smart Ultrasonic Gas Meter METANO

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Smart Ultrasonic Gas Meter METANO

Electronic gas meter is based on an innovative ultrasonic technology. Thanks to it gas meter is compact and extremely precise. It immediately responds to flow changes and provides no pressure loss. The meter ensures stable measurement reliability over time and a long service life.

The readings are saved in a non-volatile meter memory and then the embedded communication module sends all the data to a utility platform using one of the popular LPWAN technologies: SigFox, LoraWAN, NB-IoT, NB-Fi, Nero UNB.


Made in Belarus

Ultrasonic technology

The main advantages of the technology are accurate measurements of low flow rates, as well as resistance to mechanical wear due to the absence of moving parts.

Temperature correction

Automatic adjustment to standard conditions by temperature correction function enables the meter's installation outdoors or in unheated rooms.

Built-in radio module

It is equipped with a built-in radio module for further data transmission to the upper level (does not require connection of additional modems).

Resistance to magnetic fields

The meter will with stand the influence of the magnetic fields and signal about the incident by indication on the screen and in a personal account of a gas supplier.

Personal account

The communication module built into the meter transmits data to the personal account, providing remote collection of readings.


METANO smart meter is a reliable device, which can significantly simplify and fully automate gas consumption metering.


  • High precision ultrasonic measurement;
  • Compact size;
  • Data archive storage;
  • Built-in monitoring and diagnostics system;
  • Temperature and pressure correction;
  • Maintenance-free, which reduces operating costs;
  • High IP67 enclosure protection;
  • Communication technologies available: SigFox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, NB-Fi, Nero UNB.
  • Characteristics
    Technical specifications
    Battery life
    10 years
    7 years on NB-IoT
    Enclosure protection
    Nero Electronics
    Country of Origin
    Fast installation without welding. Compact size.
    Maintenance free, which reduces operating costs.

    • System of built-in control and diagnostics.
    • Temperature correction.
    • Pressure correction.
    • Three modes of operation: operation, verification and service.