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Single Phase Smart Electricity Meter SL

Single Phase Smart Electricity Meter SL

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Single Phase Smart Electricity Meter SL

The intelligent retro-style multi-tariff single phase electronic meter combines one or more communication interfaces and allows the utilities to receive the readings and other data about active and reactive energy, generation and consumption, voltage quality, tampering incidents, magnet exposure, etc. remotely. Available communication interfaces include G3-PLC, NERO-PLC, Radio (RF433 or RF868), LTE/GPRS, RS-485, and optical port.

Available communication interfaces include G3-PLC, NERO-PLC, Radio (RF433 or RF868), LTE/GPRS, RS-485, optical


Notifies the operator

The meter will promptly transmit to the operator information about opening the terminal cover or case, exposure to a magnet, electrical disturbance, attempts to handle an incorrect password, overheating, etc.

Autonomous functioning

In the event of a power outage, data will not be lost thanks to nonvolatile memory. The operation of the calendar and display is provided by a built-in battery with a long service life.

Phase/zero current accounting

In addition to metering the current in the forward and reverse directions, the meter monitors and displays the network parameters, generation and consumption.

User's personal account

Electricity consumption and other indicators recorded by the meter can be monitored remotely in your personal account in any place where there is Internet.

Load control relay

Allows you to remotely disconnect bad payers. Relay triggering is configured depending on profile and certain events.

Resistant to magnetic influence

The meter withstands magnetic fields of 500 mlT, and also records the date and time of exposure.

Features of single phase smart meter:
  • Accuracy class for active and reactive energy: 1;
  • Communication interfaces: G3-PLC, NERO-PLC, Radio (RF433 or RF868), LTE/GPRS, RS-485, optical port;
  • Data transfer protocols: SPODES, DLMS, Smart Meter Protocol;
  • Circuit and network parameters measurement;
  • Built-in relay for remote power control;
  • Sensors detecting tampering with the housing cover and the terminal block clipses;
  • Resistance to magnetic fields up to 500 mlT, date and exposure time recording;
  • Alert messages about unauthorized interventions or power failure;
  • Multifunctional LCD with backlight;
  • Mountable on a DIN-rail.

Functionality of single phase power meter:
  • Recording and storage of measuring data when changing:
    - days - 128;
    - months or billing periods - 40;
    - years - 10.
  • Power control zones;
  • Ability to set the date of the billing period;
  • Automatic winter / summer changeover;
  • Registration and storage of load profiles by 6144 values with an interval of power integration of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, or 60 minutes;
  • Control and display of voltage quality parameters;
  • Low consumption control;
  • Current difference control;
  • Temperature control inside the meter;
  • Registration and indication of the date and time of exposure to magnetic and electromagnetic fields;
  • Data presented in the form of OBIS codes (EN 625056-61).

Available communication interfaces include G3-PLC, NERO-PLC, Radio (RF433 or RF868), LTE/GPRS, RS-485, optical

Technical specifications
Accuracy class
active energy 1
reactive energy 1
Rated voltage
Operating frequency
47,5 - 52,5 Hz
Base (maximum)
5 (80) A
5 (100) A
Starting current
10 mA
Pulse outputs
Number of tariffs
8: 24 schedule of daily tariff programs for 7 days of the week
Daily tariff programs
32 programs, 48 half-hour zones
Setting up essential event groups
64 events in one of 3 groups
Storage depth
at least 6144 values per interval
Meter constant
3600, 4800 imp./ (kWh), imp./ (kvarh)
- GOST 31818.11-2012
- GOST 31819.21-2012
- GOST 31819.23-2012
Operating temperature range
from - 40 to +70 °С
up to 2,0 kg
Overall dimensions
200х120х73 mm
Nero Electronics
Country of Origin
A smart electricity meter is installed by analogy with a conventional meter. Installation takes no more than 15 minutes. One data collection and transmission device supports up to 700 meters without concentrators and repeaters.