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Hot Water Smart Meter FLUO

Hot Water Smart Meter FLUO

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Hot Water Smart Meter FLUO

FLUO electronic vane water meter with built-in radio LPWAN module and autonomous power supply is designed for automatic wireless metering of hot water in residential buildings, cottage settlements, and at enterprises.

The built-in radio module enables data transfer to the personal accounts of a utility and other users.

Consumption statistics in a visual form can be available not only to management companies, homeowners associations, resource organizations, but also to consumers.

The meter can be used both in complex accounting systems and as an independent device.


Made in Belarus

The development and production of Fluo water meters is carried out in Belarus

Convenient installation

Both vertical and horizontal installation is possible. Electronic head with indicator, rotating 360 °.

Resistant to magnetic field

The meter will withstand the influence of the magnetic field and will signal an attempt to influence the indication on the screen and in the personal account of the managing organization.

Reverse flow indication

In the event of a reverse flow, the data is not subtracted from the main readings, but is counted in a separate register and displayed on the screen.

Built-in radio module

Built-in radio from an expert in radio control. The signal strength is several times less than the communication signal of a mobile phone and fully complies with the standard, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

Automatic data collection

The embedded communication module of the required technology transmits data to the personal account, providing remote collection of readings.

settings.pngHot Water Smart Meter features:
  • Up to R160 - wide measurement range;
  • When a reverse flow occurs, the data is not subtracted from the main readings, but is counted in a separate register and displayed on the screen;
  • Equipped with an electronic head with indicator rotating 360 °;
  • High IP67 enclosure protection;

Communication technologies available:

SigFox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, NB-Fi, Nero UNB.

What are the benefits of using a Hot Water Smart Meter?

Using a Hot Water Smart Meter offers several advantages, including:
  • Cost Savings: By having detailed insights into hot water usage, users can identify opportunities to reduce wastage and lower their water heating bills.
  • Environmental Impact: Smart meters promote water conservation, helping to reduce overall water consumption and its impact on the environment.
  • Leak Detection: Many smart meters can detect leaks in the hot water system, preventing water damage and potentially costly repairs.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Users can monitor their hot water usage in real-time, empowering them to make immediate adjustments to their habits for better efficiency.
  • Data Analysis: Smart meters often provide data analytics, giving users a clear overview of their consumption patterns and trends.

The readings from each meter are automatically sent once a day via a radio channel to the base station, which can be located several kilometers from the installation site of the device. Data from the base station, in turn, is transmitted via a secure channel to the server, which allows them to be saved, analyzed and displayed in the user's personal account in a convenient form.

The meters have modifications that differ in the constant flow rate, flow range (R), overall dimensions and weight:
- FLUO-1.1 (Q3 = 1.6 m3/h)
- FLUO-1.1 (Q3 = 2.5 m3/h)
- FLUO-1.2 (Q3 = 1.6 m3/h).
The characteristics of each modification are shown in the table.
Enclosure protection class
Nero Electronics
Country of Origin

Installation of a FLUO smart meter is no different from the installation process of a regular meter. No additional setup, calibration or special knowledge required.

Allows you to completely refuse to take readings manually.