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Data Acquisition and Transmission Device

Data Acquisition and Transmission Device

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Data Acquisition and Transmission Device

The device is intended for acquisition, processing, storage of data from meters and transfer of information via information channels to the upper level in automated systems for comprehensive utility metering. It is installed as a part of a three phase smart electronic meter and functions together with it.

An important function of the device is time measuring and clock synchronization on the metering devices in automated systems for comprehensive utility metering.



Features of data acquisition and transmission device :

  • Dual GPRS/LTE modules, Micro-USB, Wi-Fi module;
  • Provides event log storage and information transfer on request;
  • Multi-level protection against unauthorized access: mechanical seals, an 8-digit password for access, encryption of information during its transmission through the interfaces of the lower and upper levels of the device;
  • Linux based operating system;
  • Data storage depth: 6144 readings per interval.

    Data acquisition performed:

    • active power consumption and generation;
    • reactive power consumption and generation;
    • general power;
    • number of tariff storage slots (operated/all) for active consumed/generated power;
    • accumulated energy by each tariff for active consumed/generated;
    • voltage (average value during the integration period);
    • current intensity (average value during the integration period);
    • frequency (average value during the integration period);
    • event log.

    Sends information to the upper level about the following events:

    • overlimit of active power;
    • current threshold crossing along neutral channel;
    • consumer electrical installation deviation alert;
    • network frequency deviation;
    • voltage state – overlimit; failure;
    • power overlimit (levels 1/2/3) alert;
    • critical time deviation or unsynchronized forbidden time alert;
    • low consumption for a long time;
    • device housing or terminal block open alert;
    • magnet or reverse magnet interference (for meters including magnetic field sensors); 
    • radio field interference (for meters including radio-frequency electromagnetic field sensors);
    • password blocking;
    • low battery;
    • data transfer via communication channel during the emergence the event was performed;
    • schedule group change required flag;
    • reason for the latest unscheduled automatic start.  
    Technical specifications
    Supply voltage
    5 - 26 V
    no more than 1A
    Power consumption
    no more than 6 W
    Number of connected metering devices
    up to 2048
    Data transmission radio interfaces
    - Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11b / g / n;
    - GSM: 900 / 1800MHz;
    - LTE: 2100MHz (B1) / 1800MHz (B3) / 2600MHz (B7) / 900MHz (B8)
    / 800MHz (B20)
    The degree of protection of the case according to GOST 14254
    Electric shock protection class
    Saving the clock and keeping the calendar when the supply voltage is cut off
    at least 10 years
    Saving data archive
    at least 10 years
    Meters of accuracy classes 0.5S and 0.5S / 0.5 are designed to be connected to the mains through measuring current transformers, meters of accuracy classes 1 and 1/1 can be produced in two versions: connected to the network directly or through measuring current transformers.