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Base Station

NERO base station receives readings from individual meters (water, gas, electricity meters) and radio modems using Nero UNB LPWAN technology and transmits them to utility servers via Ethernet or LTE connection.
A single NERO base station is capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of end devices within a radius of several kilometers which reduces the cost of overall network and makes it the most costeffective solution for large projects.


Made in Belarus

The development and production of Fluo water meters is carried out in Belarus.

Reception range

The reception range is up to 10 km in the line of sight, up to 3 km in dense urban areas.

Independence from a single supplier

Independence from a specific manufacturer of components and components, a wide tax base of suppliers.

settings.png Peculiarities:
  • Provides a two-way communication and reception of readings from hundreds of thousands of metering devices within a radius of several kilometers;
  • Carries out data exchange between subscribers and elements of the upper level of the system;
  • Radio communication is carried out in the frequency range 863 - 870 MHz (a specific range is selected based on the legislation of the country);
  • The station is based on an anti-jamming panoramic receiver;
  • The enclosure provides a high degree of protection against dust and moisture IP65 for outdoor installation.
  • Available LPWAN technologies for transferring data from meters to a base station:

    LPWAN — (Low-power wide area network) – the dominant IoT technology with large coverage and low power consumption.

    - UNB LPWAN: SigFox, NeroUNB, etc.
    - LoRaWAN
    - GSM: LTE, LTE-M1, GPRS
    - NB-IoT

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