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Mini-server 8767 functionality update

13 August 2022
New functions of the mini-server and the mobile app now allow the following 

to the Installer:

to the User:

  • Controlling separate constructions and groups of constructions from the mobile phone;
  • Controlling constructions and devices on a timer;
  • Seeing current state of the receivers and position of constructions in the app.
Devices compatible with mini-server: Radio 8113 micro, Radio 8113 IP65, Radio 8117 micro, Radio 8122Radio electric drives.

Nero Server app is convenient not only for programming and control.
It makes training of new employees easier. The setting of executive devices in the app is user friendly; you don’t need to go through difficult descriptions in device manuals.

Nero Server can be installed:
- for Android from Google Play
- for iOS from App Store

Videoinstructions for the 8767 mini-server you can see by link
 лежачий телефон.png