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Smart ultrasonic gas meter METANO

Smart ultrasonic gas meter METANO

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Smart ultrasonic gas meter METANO

Measures the amount of gas consumed using ultrasonic technology. The absence of moving parts in the counter ensures stable measurement reliability over time and a long service life.

Has a built-in module for data transmission over a radio channel..


• High precision of ultrasonic measurement.
• Compact size.
• Storage of data archive.
• System of built-in control and diagnostics.
• Temperature correction and pressure correction.
• Does not require maintenance, which reduces operating costs.

The readings from each meter are automatically sent once a day via a radio channel to the base station, which can be located several kilometers from the installation site of the device. Data from the base station, in turn, is transmitted via a secure channel to the server, which allows them to be saved, analyzed and displayed in the user's personal account in a convenient form.
Accuracy class
Minimum consumption
for G1.6 not more than 0.016
for G2.5 not more than 0.025
for G4 no more than 0.04
for G6 no more than 0.06
Maximum consumption
for G1.6 not less than 2.5
for G2.5 not less than 4.0
for G4 not less than 6.0
for G6 not less than 10.0
Antenna type
Battery 3.6 V, 4000 mA * h
Frequency range
863.0 - 870.0 MHz
Signal strength
no more than 25 mW
Data transfer protocol
LPWAN: NB-Fi, UNB, Sigfox,ЗиНа
Data transmission range
up to 18 km in rural areas
up to 5 km in dense urban areas
Temperature regime
-10 to +50 ° C for G1.6 and G2.5
-40 to +50 ° C for G4 and G6
Service life
at least 10 years.
Fast installation without welding. Compact size.
Maintenance free, which reduces operating costs.

• System of built-in control and diagnostics.
• Temperature correction.
• Pressure correction.
• Three modes of operation: operation, verification and service.