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Three-phase multifunctional electricity meter SM302

Three-phase multifunctional electricity meter SM302

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Three-phase multifunctional electricity meter SM302

Designed to account for active and reactive energy in the forward and reverse directions in three-phase four-wire AC circuits with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Allows you to organize multi-tariff metering at industrial enterprises, utilities, energy facilities and transfer data to your personal account via communication channels as part of automated systems for commercial metering of electricity (AMRS).

• Guaranteed data delivery thanks to the integration of wireless technologies: radio and PLC.
• Optical, radio, PLC and RS-485 interfaces, GSM / GPRS.
• Sensors for opening the terminal cover, housing, temperature, exposure to a magnet, radio field.
• Nonvolatile data memory, built-in real time clock for electricity metering by tariff zones of the day.

Complies with the requirements of TS BY 808001034.008-2016, GOST 31818.11-2012, GOST 31819.21-2012, GOST 31819.22-2012, GOST 31819.23-2012, TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 020/2011, TR 2018/024/BY.

Counter measures and displays:
- mains frequency, current and voltage in each phase;
- angle between current and voltage in each phase, between phase voltages;
- power factor in each phase.
Accuracy class
active energy 0.5S / 1
reactive energy 0.5 / 1
Rated voltage
Rated current
5 А
Maximum current
10A, 60A, 100 A depending on the version
Radio (up to 2), optical port, PLC, RS-485 (up to 2)
Signal power
10 mW / 25 mW
Working frequency range
50 ± 2.5 Hz
Frequency range (depending on the version)
433.050 - 434.790 MHz
868.00 - 868.60 MHz
868.70 - 869.20 MHz
Meter constant
1600, 8000 imp./ (kWh), imp./ (kvarh)
Maximum switching current of the high-voltage relay at 230 V
not less than 5 A (if there is a relay)
Duration of time tracking and calendar maintenance in the absence of external power
at least 10 years
Depth of storage of power values, energy storage or network parameters averaged over the interval
6144 readings
Number of tariffs
8 by active energy
4 by reactive energy
Optical exchange rate, RS-485
9600 bps
241х176х77 mm
Degree of protection against ingress of dust and water
not lower than IP51
Average service life
not less than 30 years
Meters of accuracy classes 0.5S and 0.5S / 0.5 are designed to be connected to the mains through measuring current transformers, meters of accuracy classes 1 and 1/1 can be produced in two versions: connected to the network directly or through measuring current transformers.

• Three options for managing billing: by events, external and time-based.
• Accounting for four energy profiles: active and reactive, forward and reverse
  directions. Power integration interval in 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 60 minutes.
• Information protection (passwords and electronic seals).
• Load control with built-in relay.
• Indication of data on the LCD indicator at a specified frequency or
switching with the touch button.

The counter is monitoring:
- instantaneous power and active power of the direction with an interval of power integration in 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 60 minutes;
- active energy consumption limits;
- consumption of currents and small currents;
- voltages in phases, phase sequence, phase failure;
- network frequency.