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Smart single-phase electricity meter SM204

Smart single-phase electricity meter SM204

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Smart single-phase electricity meter SM204

A smart and high-tech electricity meter is designed to measure active and reactive energy in single phase AC circuits with subsequent transfer of data to the user's personal account.

It can be easily integrated into automated systems for commercial metering of electricity at residential, industrial and commercial facilities.


• multi-tariff electricity metering;
• measurement of network parameters, generation and consumption energy, current in the forward and reverse direction;
• keeping event logs;
• remote limitation of electricity consumption, etc.  

Resistant to magnetic fields

The counter withstands magnetic fields of 500 mlT, and also records the date and time of exposure.

Notify the dispatcher

The meter will promptly transmit to the dispatcher information about the facts of opening the terminal cover or case, exposure to a magnet, electrical disturbance, attempts to handle an incorrect password, deviation of network parameters, overheating, etc.

Load control relay

Allows you to remotely disable defaulters. Relay triggering is configured depending on certain events.

User's personal account

Electricity consumption and other indicators recorded by the meter can be monitored remotely in your personal account in any place where there is Internet.

8 metering rates

The tariff schedule can be updated remotely.

Modern design

LCD screen with backlight, touch buttons for viewing information on the screen, the ability to install on a DIN rail, designed by Art.Lebedev studio.

Phase and zero current accounting

In addition to metering the current in the forward and reverse directions, the meter monitors and displays the network parameters, generation and consumption.

Autonomous functioning

In the event of a power outage, data will not be lost thanks to non-volatile memory. And the operation of the calendar and display is provided by a built-in battery with a long service life.

GOST 31818.11-2012          TR CU 004/2011
GOST 31819.21-2012          TR CU 020/2011
GOST 31819.23-2012         TR 2018/024/BY
Accuracy class: active, reactive energy
Nominal commutation voltage
Rated current
5 А
Maximum current
60A, 100 A - depending on the version
Rated frequency
49-51 Hz
Monitoring network parameters
Built-in load control relay
Yes - depending on the version
Storage depth of data
at least 6144 values per interval
Radio communication range
up to 15 km in rural areas
up to 5 km in dense urban areas
Pulse input
Number of tariffs
8: 24 schedule of daily tariff programs for 7 days of the week
Signal strength
up to 10 mW
Setting up essential event groups
64 events in one of 3 groups
Meter constant
3600, 4800 imp./ (kWh), imp./ (kvarh)
Data transfer protocol
energy efficient protocols NB-Fi, LoRaWAN, SMP, UNB, Sigfox, ZiNa
Daily tariff programs
32 programs, 48 half-hour zones
Antenna type
Frequency range
433.050 - 434.790 MHz
Radio, PLC, RS-485, optical port
A smart electricity meter is installed by analogy with a conventional meter. Installation takes no more than 15 minutes.
One data collection and transmission device supports up to 700 meters without concentrators and repeaters.