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Pulse radio modem JUPITER

Pulse radio modem JUPITER

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Pulse radio modem JUPITER

It allows transmitting the readings of metering devices with pulse telemetry outputs to the base station via a radio channel.

From the base station, data is transmitted via the Internet channel to the server of utilities and to personal accounts of consumers.


The radio modem can simultaneously take readings from water, electricity, gas and heat meters.

One for two counters

Two separate inputs allow one modem to transmit readings from two different metering devices at once, for example, heat meters of two neighboring apartments. Or hot and cold water meters.

Reliability of data sending

The data will not be lost: the radio modem supports sending packets with confirmation, and also accumulates and stores data archives per channel for a period of up to 6 years, while saving once a day.

Convenient to install and operate

It can be installed in damp and hard-to-reach rooms due to the housing with increased protection against moisture and dust IP68, as well as its autonomy. The charge level of the built-in battery and the operating temperature of the device can be monitored remotely in the user's personal account.

Adaptability to requirements

The ability to set an arbitrary frequency plan, depending on the requirements in the country of use. Sensitivity meets international standards for tenders: up to -138dBm.

Built-in battery

The radio modem is completely autonomous and does not require an external power source due to the presence of a large capacity battery.

Conducts channel-by-channel accumulation and storage of data archives with a depth of 2046 records or up to 6 years (if the data is saved once a day).
Overall dimensions
195х55х45 mm
Degree of enclosure protection
Pulse input
Frequency range
863,000 to 870,000 MHz
Data transfer protocol
energy efficient protocol NB-Fi or LoRaWAN, UNB, Sigfox, ZiNa, WATER-5
Data transmission power
up to 25 mW
Remote data transmission
up to 18 km in rural areas
up to 5 km in dense urban areas
Antenna type
up to -138dBm
Frequency of sending data
configurable at manufacture:
once an hour
every 3 hours
every 6 hours
every 12 hours
every 24 hours
ties to the support or wall
File downloads
File downloads