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Receiver 8615 with USB-stick

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Receiver 8615 with USB-stick

Access control system for parking lots, entrances to housing cooperatives, garage cooperatives, equipped with automatic barriers and gates. The remote control users can operate gates/barriers remotely from a comfortable distance, and the administrator can perform all necessary actions to control access in a user friendly program. The set includes a Radio 8615 receiver, a utility USB-stick, and a boot software for a PC.

The price does not include the cost of adjustment and installation.

Automatic update

The user can update the device software and get new functions for free.

Large memory

The receiver supports 1000 remote controls, USB memory stick - 16 receivers and 2048 remote controls. One memory stick can be used for barriers at the entrance and at the exit.

The event log

The log stores up to 15 000 updated records.

Separation of access rights

The administrator has the opportunity to view the user log, to block and delete mini-remote controls.


The receiver has 4 operating modes:

barriers and gates control;

lighting or other electrical loads control;

raising and lowering roller shutters and rolling gates;

blinds control.

The device has been tested and has all the necessary certificates for installation in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Load carrying capacity
electric drives of roller shutters, roller blinds, sun blinds / 3 А
incandescent lamps, halogen lamps / 220 W
heaters, air blowers / 700 W
pumps and other motor drives at cos=0,6 / 2 А
Load carrying capacity
3 А
Number of controlled objects
Memory (number of remote controls)
Power supply
187...253 V
Power consumption
max 25 mА
Operation temperature range
-30 … +50°C
Operating frequency range
433,05–434,79 MHz

In any convenient place both indoors and outdoors under cover.


The administration manages the remote controls, keeps a log of users, and blocks non-payers using a user-friendly program installed on PC Windows.

The automated 8615 with USB-stick design can be controlled:

 from Intro II remote controls;

 from a two-button non-latching switch;

 for raising and lowering roller shutters and rolling gates.

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