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Single-channel keychain remote control Intro II 8501-1M

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Single-channel keychain remote control Intro II 8501-1M

Keychain remote control is designated to control gates, barriers, as well as lighting and other electrical loads.

The price does not include the cost of adjustment and installation.

Remote recording

When the receiver is installed in a hard-to-reach place, a new remote control can be recorded in it from any previously recorded remote control.

Protection against hacking

The signal of the receiver is encrypted, therefore it is almost impossible to copy remote controls. This is especially important in protected pass-through areas with barriers.


The remote control operates in step-by-step mode - it controls the roller shutter with one button.

The device has been tested and has all the necessary certificates for installation in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Gross weight
16 g
Overall dimensions
30×43×10 mm
Warranty lifetime
2 years
Intro II 8501-1М
Nero Electronics
Degree of enclosure protection
Country of manufacture

The remote control is lightweight and conveniently attaches to a key ring.

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