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Double-channel Radio 8117 UPM Radio Card

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Double-channel Radio 8117 UPM Radio Card

Automates two objects: barriers, hinged gates, rolling gates, sectional gates to open and to close it using remote controls.

The price does not include the cost of adjustment and installation.

Protection against hacking

The signal of the receiver is encrypted, therefore it is almost impossible to copy remote controls.

Memory for 1060 remote controls

It is necessary in places with a large number of users (barriers, rolling gates in office buildings, etc.).

Signal retransmission

The signal range is increased several times even in the most difficult conditions with several receivers.

Electric Appliance Control

Suitable for automation of lighting, heater, pump and other electrical appliances to control or from remote controls.


The receiver has 3 operation modes:

the remote control signal is simultaneously transmitted to both objects: they move as long as the button is pressed. Recommended for gates, barriers, wicket doors;

continuous command for both objects: they are on / off before pressing the button again. Recommended for lamps;

the remote control signal is transmitted to the first object, the continuous command - to the second one. Recommended for entry groups with street lighting, garage doors and garage lighting, etc.

The device has been inspected and has all the necessary certificates for installation in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Gross weight
83 g
Overall dimensions
51×51×29 mm
Warranty lifetime
2 years
Radio 8117 UPM
Nero Electronics
Degree of enclosure protection
Country of manufacture

Installed in an apartment under the switch, to the wall of the gates control unit from the inside on the tape, outdoors in an additional sealed case IP65.


You can control the automated Radio 8117 UPM device using remote controls of Radio range.

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