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Control from PLC Remote Controls

Nero II 8400 Phase Adapter

Used when central remote control and executive devices are connected to different phases of mains supply.

  • Nero II
    Nero II 8410 UP Central Remote Control

    Double-channel remote control which allows you to connect to roller shutter, blind or gates with electric drive, switch, sensor or timer.

    • Nero II
      Nero II 8413 UPM Executive Device

      Designed to control roller shutters, blinds, roller blinds with electric drive.

      • Nero II
        Nero II 8413-50 Executive Device

        Device with front panel which allows you to control roller shutters, roller blinds and blinds with electric drive.

        • Nero II
          Nero II 8761 UPM Transcoder in built-in package

          Designed to combine intelligent control system over the 230V network Nero II and the radio control system Intro II. It allows you to use any radio remote control Intro II to control Nero II executive devices and the other way round.

          • Nero II
            Nero II 8450-50M Central Remote Control

            Remote control is designed to control roller shutters, watering systems, lighting, sockets and other electric loads.

            • Nero II