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УС-2.15М Universal Control

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УС-2.15М Universal Control

The device is designed to control the electric actuator (s) of roller shutters, roller blinds, blinds using several switches. This option is convenient if you need to control one roller shutter/blind from different points.

The price does not include the cost of adjustment and installation.

Adaptation for different roller shutters

You can set the operation time of roller shutters depending on its size for security measures.

Switch Button

You can use the Switch Button or switch with one key instead of the usual switch with two keys (up / down).

Electric drive protection

If you simultaneously press two keys of the switch in different directions (up / down), the roller shutter will not be damaged.

Blind control

Suitable for changing the angle of elevation and rotation of horizontal blinds (slats).


The device has several operation modes:

1. Controlled mode: while the switch key is pressed, the roller shutter moves. Recommended for roller shutters in walk-through areas.

2. Automatic mode: roller shutter switch closes / opens completely after a short press of a key. Recommended for roller shutters on windows.

The device has been inspected and has all the necessary certificates for installation in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Gross weight
60 g
Overall dimensions
51×51×28 mm
Warranty lifetime
2 years
Nero Electronics
Degree of enclosure protection
Country of manufacture

Installed in an apartment under the switch, in the junction box, outdoors in an additional sealed case IP65.

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