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Mini-server 8767 is on sale now!

9 July 2020

Great news!
The Host 8767 for remote configuration and control of Radio devices via a mobile app is on sale. It supports up to 200 receivers and 300 remote controls.

Main task of the host.
Easy configuration.
  • The Internet connection is not needed to configure the receivers. Local connection via Wi-Fi is suitable.
Control from a smartphone.
  • Installation of a central device will make automation really smart, allowing users to control constructions directly from their phones via Wi-Fi, whether or not there is Internet connection.

Available functionality

For Installer:
  • adding and configuring devices;
  • mini-server update;
  • remote recording of remote controls.
For User:
  • direct devices control
    (phone-server, via Wi-Fi);
  • devices control via

Custom programming in the next update
 For Installer:
  • executive devices update; 
  • combining devices into groups;​ 
  • remote controls management (recording/deleting remote controls in the ED); 
  • increasing the list of supported devices; 
  • setting up scenarios (linking the different elements of the system).
    For User:
  • control of device statuses and states;​ 
  • ED control by timer; 
  • differentiation of user rights;​ 
  • log (history of actions) viewing;​ 
  • automatic devices operation based on external events.